Some of the remarkable videos generated on the 2nd Anniversary of Hastings Pier Fire

Never, in the history of has there been so much activity in 24 hours, including some great ideas for brining out truth, reparation and re-integration into peaceful co-existence.

See you on Friday?

And then, once we are in eye contact, how well will we hear each other & synergise for the wellbeing of all?

Hastings Borough Council Petition

We, the people of Hastings & St Leonards, petition Hastings Borough Council to lease or transfer ownership of Hastings Pier (or “The People's Pier” as it is sometimes called) only once the HPWRT has put in place clear processes by which its work will be open & accountable to the community. 

We also ask yourselves and them for a public statement in relation to seeking justice for those known to have been on the pier on the night of the fire. 

Above all, we ask that you endeavour to build the community's trust in all organisations to whom you lease or transfer property, ensuring that all will uphold the following values:
[to be continued at a public meeting at Southwater Area Community  Centre at 7pm on the Friday 5th October 2012  (2nd anniversary of the fire) and/or by registering your concerns on 
and/or below this blog post by adding a comment.


Please choose from this menu:

  • Community Empowerment
  • Encouraging Self Responsibility
  • Repairing Harm Done
  • Social Justice
  • Working & learning together
  • Re-integration of all into peaceful co-existence
And please add to that all of the following:
  • your 1st suggestion
  • your best friend's suggestion
  •  your new friend's suggestion
  • a principle that your neighbour really values and lives by

Paul Crosland explains his wish both for the well-being of Hastings Borough Council and the Hastings Pier & White Rock trust -both working in partnership with an empowered community: Questions on Part 1 of the interview of Chris include: 1) Do you want the HPWRT to become more open & accountable? Hastings Pier Fire & the community petition 2 years on - part 2 This section of the interview broadens out into the wider issues and Chris saying: "I don't really know why local government democracy is so unresponsive". Discussing "No Power Without A countability" and Chris's personal experience of the HPWRT. Plus plans for the 2nd anniversary of the pier fire (5th October 2012):

2nd Anniversary of Hastings Pier Fire: "HastingsTube", "The Investigation So Far" & "What I did that led to Hastings Pier Fire"

For my money, the most informative and interesting Google Search about Hastings Pier Fire and it's aftermath is: What I did that led to Hastings Pier Fire. Not only is this blog -and it's videos well-represented- but you also get a David Icke Forum on the topic

Tony May here recommends that you come to the events on 5th October 2012 at the Southwater Area Community Centre:

Booking for all these events is by phoning/texting me (Paul Crosland) on Zero7807066202 and receiving a confirmation text message or on a 'click here and fill in the form at the bottom of the page' basis.

The programme is as follows

Friday 5th October
10am-5pm -HastingsTube Workshop1
Lunch provided; £10 deposit to secure
Fuller programme here
(A draft proposal for HastingsTube Playlists here)  
7pm for 7.30pm "The Hastings Pier Fire Investigation So Far"
(Films recapping the meeting with Sussex Police and local residents last year will be shown from 7.10pm-7.30pm and correspondence with the Ministry of Justice handed out, as well as copies of requests for the HPWRT)
Also covered in the evening will be "What I did that led to Hastings Pier Fire"; a plea to examine and refine all of our ethics in interacting with Hastings & St Leonards youth.

Saturday 6th October 11am-5pm HastingsTube Workshop2
(The programme will be approximately as per Friday 5th; particularly for those who struggled to be available on the Friday daytime, or who wanted to go into the matters raised on the Friday 5th workshop again whilst the issues are still fresh)  
Booking for all these events is by phoning/texting me (Paul Crosland) on Zero7807066202 and receiving a confirmation text message or on a 'click here and fill in the form at the bottom of the page' basis.
The intended play has been postponed to the 3rd anniversary -so save Saturday October 5th 2013 in your diary now!

Our heritage includes how community develops and how it processes its tensions does it not?

It's my view, and probably not my view alone* that the Hastings Pier fire, just like the following summer's riots elsewhere in the country, is an important part of our community's  heritage.
My questions to the HPWRT and to anyone entrusting the trust are:
 "1) Aren't you interested in finding out how the pier got burnt down?  
2) What would make this issue important enough for you to address?"
By tomorrow, three weeks will have gone by since the Hastings & St Leonards Observer published the letter from the St Leonards Sharing Consortium that was asking questions along this line.

The core values being asked to be upheld by all involved in the recent history of the pier (& it's possible redevelopment) are truth, community action, inclusivity, choice, reparation and re-integration into peaceful existence. These values ring so strongly for me that I moved here to help foster and support them

Three weeks will have gone by since the latest restatement of the mission for inclusive regeneration in Hastings & St Leonards that starts with the pier fire. To date there has been no contact made from the HPWRT to any of the member organisations of the consortium, though they do know where to find us.

And preparations for the second anniversary of the pier fire are well underway; I hope that the following people in particular are keeping their diaries free on 5th October to join in:

  • Jeremy Birch,  CEO,  Hastings Borough Council
  • Ray Chapman, Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust
  • Simon Opie, CEO,  Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust
  • Maria, CEO, Centre for Peaceful Solutions
  • Glynis Jacques, St Leonards Town Team Regeneration Project
  • Tony May, (Maybrick 44 YouTube Channel)
  • Chris Gidlow, biographer to "Paul Crosland, the famous playwright"

Any of the above -or any member of the public- can book in to attend via this link to the "Ethical Outings" (in Hastings & St Leonards) blog

*To verify if this is just my view alone, why not ask the Hastings Justice Facebook Group, for example or ask others and add a comment below this blog post letting me know what they said.

In the Hastings Pier Trust we trust?

For those who haven't seen the article from the Hastings & St Leonards Observer that launches this discussion (below), click here

  1.  On the 9th May it was reported in the Hastings Observer online that there is an official objection received to the Hastings Pier Compulsory Purchase Order 
  2. To register your interest in the community share issue by the HPWRT, click here
  3. Other forms and key information sheets for securing a future for the pier have been placed on a wiki site (like wikipedia) run by Mediation Support Ltd; that site being here
  4. To read how restorative justice work produced remarkable outcomes for a woman whose house was burned down (arson) & was uninsured -read here
  5. To book for the major event that marks the 2nd anniversary of the pier fire -which is the focus of a further year's work by Paul Crosland, trained Criminologist, Mediator and Community Development Worker (as well as being the famous playwright!), click here
  6. Click here to get a sense of the Community Development work that took place on the 1st Anniversary 
  7. The press release that followed that event is here
  8. And a copy of the "Harmonisation Policy" which the HPWRT commissioned from Mediation Support Ltd is here

Sussex Community Blog: New page about St Leonards Sharing Consortium's offers to the HPWRT

Sussex Community Blog: New page about St Leonards Sharing Consortium's offers to the HPWRT

Southwater Area Community Centre
1-2 Stainsby Street
St Leonards on Sea
TN37 6LA

(More text to follow; meanwhile here's a film or two):

HPWRT & St Leonards Sharing Consortium's offers to the HPWRT

"St Leonards Sharing" Consortium have made a number of offers to the HPWRT & engaged well with the chair of the HPWRT over the year leading to the first anniversary of the pier fire:
The offers made by "St Leonards Sharing" Consortium will be listed on this page, AS WELL AS details of how they were responded to! Meanwhile, before this new page is set up on this blog, here's some videos about this:

Southwater Area Community Centre
1-2 Stainsby Street
St Leonards on Sea
TN37 6LA

HPWRT AGM 2012 - Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust AGM on Friday 4th May 2012

HPWRT AGM 2012 - Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust AGM on Friday 4th May 2012

A friend has replied to a request that he join me at the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust AGM on Friday 4th May 2012:

"Interested to hear about what becomes of the arsonists. No contribution to make to debate until the two boys are identified."


Part 2

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 (to the end of the AGM, minus the thanks given)

Begin forwarded message: Date: 2 May 2012 22:09:52 GMT+01:00 To:   Subject: How about joining me for the HPWRT AGM again - Friday 7pm White Rock Hotel? Dear x How are you? I hope your life in St Leonards is turning out like you hoped? Sad to be missing Jack in Green; will you be sponsoring me for the Hospice bike ride (75 miles) I'm doing instead? How about joining me for the HPWRT AGM again - Friday 7pm White Rock Hotel? Kind regards Paul  St Leonards Town Team Your Town? Your Team? Your Values? ************************** If you want to do me/you/the world a favour (i.e. build "systemic win") could you please send people the link to **************************** etc x40 For a better quality of connection and mutual understanding, please phone/text 0780 70 66 202. I usually prefer calls & will call back  ****************** Forwarded message from HPWRT: We’re only here for the pier! Everyone is welcome to attend the Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust AGM this Friday. It’s been a busy year for the pier and this will be the ideal opportunity to find out about all the progress that has been made and meet the trustees and Simon Opie, the chief executive. The compulsory purchase submission is currently being reviewed by the Secretary of State, but there has also been progress in several other areas. If you attend the meeting, you will find out about the latest funding news, progress on the information kiosk at White Rock Baths, and dRMM, the architects commissioned to work on the designs for the new pier, will give a presentation. The meeting starts at 7pm on Friday at the White Rock Hotel. Everyone is welcome, but only members of the Trust will be able to vote. If you are not yet a member, this will be the ideal opportunity to join. You can keep up to date with Pier news by visiting the HPWRT website or joining their facebook page “The Battle for Hastings Pier”

Crying out for attention and silently being ignored

With which multi-million pound high profile project in Hastings & St Leonards do you believe the community could benefit most from holding a dialogue uncovering the truths and the different ways forward?:

  1. The Pier (due to get £8million if the community provide sufficient work in kind to show their support -see last month's posting on this blog)
  2. The Jerwood Gallery - the rumour being that the land was given for free, to the annoyance of the most local community to that site and that other matters of concern were overlooked, whilst the social divisions caused by a common lack of agreed benefits of "art galleries for  regeneration?" remains a sore wound rather than an unfolding understanding and agreed way forward!
  3. The Bexhill Link Road -agreed in principle now, with an expected cost to local taxpayers (East Sussex) of £100million (if it doesn't increase as other projects have).

The T-shirts I'm getting printed say:

Team St Leonards

Your Town?
Your Team?
Your Values?

Almost a year on from "Pier Hits Jackpot", Community in danger of throwing jackpot away

I'll write more soon here about how we still get the jackpot.
My theory is that it is easiest to get the community contribution to the pier rennovation (which releases £8.7 million from the Heritage Fund):

And here is my commentary on the news from May 2011:

Taking stock of what Community Development learning I have contributed towards before my mum died

Terminal illness and death of a dear one provide a natural time for us to take stock of our lives.

Although I've been putting at least one blog post a month on the Sussex Community Blog ( since the October 2010 fire is site, with my focus for the last six weeks being to assist my mother have a peaceful death, March 2012 nearly produced no update to the blog. Yet much is now happeneing in St Leonards in terms of Community Planning / Community Development. That story will be taken up more by the Sussex Community Blog (and associated blogs from Paul Crosland & friends).

For now, here;s some of the last year re-visited:

1) Virtues (A recently discovered YouTube 'rant' that says so much of value):

2)Jo Moon -Stories that heal:

3) Paul Crosland, AGoodWeek begins at St Leonards Warrior Sq- #Hastings Action for Happiness #afhh:

4) The local MP endorses the Action for Happiness work & even Mark buys it!:

5) Poverty in St Leonards, through the eyes of a visitor

6)Introduction to #Hastings for Happiness #afhh @actionhappiness

7)St Leonards Sharing Consortium - some of what we bring together 4 #stleonards:

8) Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness visits #Hastings & #StLeonards #afhh

9)2 things from the chair of HPWRT for a happier #Hastings & St Leonards @thepeoplespier #afhh

10) Ray Chapman, HPWRT, after two day conflict and dispute training in #Hastings #StLeonards #afhh

11) #HastingsPier Fire, HPWRT chair to those there when fire started

12) Ethical Outings in Hastings -Part 1; Southwater Road

13) Hastings Pier Fire 1st Anniversary (1 of 4):

14) Hastings Pier Fire 1st Anniversary (2 of 4):

15) Hastings Pier Fire 1st Anniversary (3 of 4):

16) Hastings Pier Fire 1st Anniversary (4 of 4):

(NB I'm the one who can't count in the video above!)

Kind regards/ Lots of love (whichever you prefer)
(With overview of everything at

take responsibility or let things get worse

For any incident that affected people, your choice is to 'take responsibility' or let things get worse: that's all there is.

Mediation Support Ltd are keen to work further in Hastings & St Leonards whenever an incident happens that if dealt with well will enable us to build a safer community here. Sadly, due to a large number of people who know about the pier fire NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY we still have a situation where the task of building the safer community -and modelling the behaviour we want from others- has not happened.

These are the questions that Mediation Support continually offers:

  1. What happened?
  2. What was it about for you?
  3. Have you heard what it was about for them?
  4. How do we learn from this & build a world that's safer for all?

Contact Us Anonymously
We welcome messages by text, phone, YouTube etc
-and if you find it hard to reach us this way, create an account to communicate anonymously about what happened on


What happened here?

“The Fact” as we know it:

"On 5th October 2010 two young men, having jumped from a burning Hastings Pier into the sea were apprehended by Kevin Pearson, who was walking his dog on the beach in the early hours of the morning. They were handed over to the police, who established who they were. They were aged 18 and 19 and living in St Leonards. They were put on police bail for the months through to April 2011, when it was decided by the Crown Prosecution Service that there was not an adequate basis for a prosecution."

Do you reckon this “fact” is accurate?

As Mediation Support is working to support a "more caring and sharing" Hastings & St Leonards:

We want to know how you & those you know are affected by this happening?
If you were part of it happening, we want to know what that was all about?

Let us know this -by text, phone or YouTube clip.


Our job is to get them hearing you & you hearing them.

“Only if we hear each other will we be able to build a world that is SAFE for all”

Hastings Community Justice Panel

This blog post is about Hastings Community Justice Panel and "Ethical Outings"

For Friday 5th October 2012, the second anniversary of the pier fire, a team is preparing a performance of the "Ethical Outings in Hastings" play (

I have begun to write a scene convening the first 
Hastings Community Justice Panel :

Paul Crosland: Thank you for accepting my invite to consider joining this team committed to a deep sense of justice. I've head-hunted you as the people I'd most like to have disputes with over the issue of whether justice has been done in Hastings. We might annually review which matters in our two towns we most wish to see brought to justice. For the time being we start with Hastings Pier Fire.