HPWRT Trustees 'Burning Bridges' report

This blog post is a report back on the 15th January 2011 screening and discussion about the 'Burning Bridges' DVD; about which more is written lower in this blog. This DVD is also recommended to all who have started fires!
The screening was attended by:
  • two HPWRT trustees
  • two members of Hastings and Rother Mediation Service
  • the only Hastings resident known by me to have recorded a video to the 'arsonists' for YouTube
  • the only Hastings resident known by me to have recorded a video on the "non-arson theory" for YouTube
  • Paul Crosland, CEO of Mediation Support Ltd (who uploaded the filming to -YouTube Channel Toothpaste 007)
I saw this as a key event in determining the prospects for the HPWRT Trustees to get the information necessary to make an informed choice about how restorative processes can bring out the whole truth and bring community engagement and healing in ways that the Criminal Justice System alone does not.

Insurance Job!!! The building was uninsurable and their was no Insurance and no ownership by the Pier Trusttees yet, so they tell me...

I have asked the Chair of the Trustees to approve my posting on here the advice I passed on and the date at which the Trustees collectively will be making a decision. Anyone who wants to move things on quicker is, as always, free to use www.peoplesjustice.org.uk and search for the truth by putting whatever question they want to whoever they want.

Invite me (Paul Crosland, Criminologist and CEO, Mediation Support Ltd) to screen the Burning Bridges DVD at your house or community centre and I'll facilitate a discussion about this 'crime' and what we can do about it by engaging in Sussex People's Justice. email Paul Crosland here
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