Crying out for attention and silently being ignored

With which multi-million pound high profile project in Hastings & St Leonards do you believe the community could benefit most from holding a dialogue uncovering the truths and the different ways forward?:

  1. The Pier (due to get £8million if the community provide sufficient work in kind to show their support -see last month's posting on this blog)
  2. The Jerwood Gallery - the rumour being that the land was given for free, to the annoyance of the most local community to that site and that other matters of concern were overlooked, whilst the social divisions caused by a common lack of agreed benefits of "art galleries for  regeneration?" remains a sore wound rather than an unfolding understanding and agreed way forward!
  3. The Bexhill Link Road -agreed in principle now, with an expected cost to local taxpayers (East Sussex) of £100million (if it doesn't increase as other projects have).

The T-shirts I'm getting printed say:

Team St Leonards

Your Town?
Your Team?
Your Values?

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