Booking to attend the 1st anniversary film and discussion on 5th or 8th October

Any problems with filling this in to book your place? Just phone or text Paul on 0780-70-66-202 or add a comment below. See you at the screenings/discussions.

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Felix said...

Dear All
As someone who lost at least 60,000pounds in equipment, shop fittings and stock in the pier fire, I find the idea of restorative justice, for me, can only follow one path other than a long jail term, that the two individuals responsible pay for their crimes by paying me and paying the other leaseholders on the pier what they are owed because of their fire related losses too. The loss of the entire shop means a hard long term effect. The Police wanted these two charged and to face a jury. However the Crown Prosecution Service said that there wasn't enough evidence despite all the professional law enforcement people who disagreed with them.

I am not too sure why HPWRT are so involved with this process as they do not own the pier - although I am sure their heart is in the right place.

The other right and proper course of justice is for them to face a fair trial in Court in front of a jury.

We already know that one of their friends in particular is quite disgusted with the way in which they have been bragging in the pub about how they have burned the pier down and got away with it.

It is interesting that the Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the fire and I do think that it is a bit rich of these two to moan about the stress they are feeling because of the length of time they were kept waiting to know whether or not they were to be prosecuted.

The fire affected leaseholders on the pier have certainly not forgotten them.

I don't want sorry, I just want them to pay us our money - that we need and can't afford to lose, end of.

Thank you.

Felix, owner of the destroyed tanning salon on Hastings Pier.