pier hits jackpot

This is quite a long video which sometime I intend to replace with a 'Take 2' version.
In brief I am saying: Who is to judge whether the pier fire was 'a bad thing' for Hastings?; look what it led to?. Who is to judge that getting lottery seed funding is 'a good thing'?; it may lead somewhere that is not seen as so good, as the struggle for enough money to complete the job continues and many want other things attended to as higher priority in Hastings.

Paul Crosland reflects on whether 'Pier Hits Jackpot' is good news or not. Maybe so, or maybe this is like the man who was sure what news was good and what news was bad and ended up learning that things don't turn out as you expect. When the pier burned down this was seen as 'a bad thing' but now the pot of gold has arrived and this is being seen as a good thing. It may yet lead to a broken leg, as in the story told.... And remember, you always have the option of getting involved in finding the truth in relation to the fire: www.peoplesjustice.org.uk and/or the Hastings Justice facebook page.

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