Community Questionnaire on the completion of Hastings Pier Community Share Scheme

"Community Questionnaire on the completion of Hastings Pier Community Share Scheme":
1) Do you think the pier was insured when it caught fire?
2) Do you think it was arson?
3) Do you believe in the man walking his dog apprehending an 18 & 19 year old? (i.e. Kevin Pearson)
4) How many others do you suspect were on the pier that night?
5) What road has had the finger of blame pointed at one of it's then residents?
6) What do you make of the Criminal Justice response to the fire?
7) What do you make of the HPWRT response to the fire?

8) What do you make of the Borough Council handing on the pier without attaching any conditions about stating what HPWRT knew of the fire & without responding positively to the request for a commitment from Council Leader Jeremy Birch to openness and accountability?

9) What do you make of the attempts at mediation in relation to this case?
10) In what way would you like to influence the Ministry of Justice in their position on the relationship between the criminal prosecution and the community "ethical outing"/ truth/reparation/ reintegration process?
11) Do you see a relationship between the pier fire and the following summer's riots?
12) How do you respond to the quote from the International Institute of Restorative Practice's film "Burning Bridges" that "It takes a community to bring up a child"?
13) What next steps would you be willing to join in?
14) Have you watched any of the films entitled "What I did that led to Hastings Pier Fire?"
15) Have you considered making a film with the hashtag #hastingsjustice?
16) Have you registered interest yet in & the (embryonic) 2066 Timebank at or for short?
17) Are any of the above questions in your opinion outdated i.e. Questions that should just go away with the passing of the next decade, for example?