Our heritage includes how community develops and how it processes its tensions does it not?

It's my view, and probably not my view alone* that the Hastings Pier fire, just like the following summer's riots elsewhere in the country, is an important part of our community's  heritage.
My questions to the HPWRT and to anyone entrusting the trust are:
 "1) Aren't you interested in finding out how the pier got burnt down?  
2) What would make this issue important enough for you to address?"
By tomorrow, three weeks will have gone by since the Hastings & St Leonards Observer published the letter from the St Leonards Sharing Consortium that was asking questions along this line.

The core values being asked to be upheld by all involved in the recent history of the pier (& it's possible redevelopment) are truth, community action, inclusivity, choice, reparation and re-integration into peaceful existence. These values ring so strongly for me that I moved here to help foster and support them

Three weeks will have gone by since the latest restatement of the mission for inclusive regeneration in Hastings & St Leonards that starts with the pier fire. To date there has been no contact made from the HPWRT to any of the member organisations of the consortium, though they do know where to find us.

And preparations for the second anniversary of the pier fire are well underway; I hope that the following people in particular are keeping their diaries free on 5th October to join in:

  • Jeremy Birch,  CEO,  Hastings Borough Council
  • Ray Chapman, Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust
  • Simon Opie, CEO,  Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust
  • Maria, CEO, Centre for Peaceful Solutions
  • Glynis Jacques, St Leonards Town Team Regeneration Project
  • Tony May, (Maybrick 44 YouTube Channel)
  • Chris Gidlow, biographer to "Paul Crosland, the famous playwright"

Any of the above -or any member of the public- can book in to attend via this link to the "Ethical Outings" (in Hastings & St Leonards) blog

*To verify if this is just my view alone, why not ask the Hastings Justice Facebook Group, for example or ask others and add a comment below this blog post letting me know what they said.