Will 2012 be the year that the truth of the October 2010 Hastings Pier Fire comes out?

"The Truth Will Out" in 2012 (some say). Perhaps we have to wait longer before people are sufficiently ready (and supported) to talk?

So meanwhile, here's some of the 2011 highlights with campaigning for a "more caring and sharing Hastings & St Leonards", some brushes with local celebs (notably Sue Coates) and some personal disclosure and opportunity to understand more of why getting justice in Hastings is so deeply linked to my own story and what I want for those who were on the pier that fateful/fortuitous night!

Here's a flashback to the night of the fire (with Jeremy Birch):

& here's a bit more background (again as The 'Man of Many T-shirts'):

And now I search for another 'Man of Many T-shirts' this is what I've found: