Hastings Truth & Reconciliation Commission

The HASTINGS TRUTH & RECONCILIATION COMMISSION was an idea that came up around the anniversary of the fire; more of which can be found on http://agoodweek.info and on this most inspiring of 3 videos recorded on the second weekend of October 2010 without showing the face of my interviewee:



Now, Here are some of the videos shown at the Public Meetings around the 1st Anniversary of the Pier Fire in Hastings. (The fire was on 5th October 2010 -see sussexcommunity.blogspot.com)

PAUL WELCOMES THE ATTENDEES  & the two group introductions - a police officer and a foreigner from Hastings

The work being done in restorative Justice under the umbrella of "St Leonards Sharing" Consortium is sustainable if you register on the NatWest site and then click to support us.http://communityforce.natwest.com/project/5827

That address again for supporting "St Leonards Sharing" is http://communityforce.natwest.com/project/5827">here
1) Maria Arpa

2) Burning Bridges [The 35 minute film from the IIRP]

[& see http://sussexcommunity.blogspot.com/2011/01/screening-of-bridges-dvd-with-pier.html]
3) Discussing the viewpoint that "Restorative Justice is no alternative to Justice"

4)Jo Nodding on Restorative Justice

6) Police Community Resolutions and the idea of a community bridging fund:

The films recorded at the 5th October meeting:
Film 1 of 4 (at top of this page)
Film 2 of 4:

Film 3 of 4:

Film 4 of 4:

And the first 2 films of Kier on the Pier



and a film I recorded 4 months before setting up the "St Leonards Sharing" Consortium:

Please now register your interest in "a more caring and sharing Hastings & St Leonards" here: