take responsibility or let things get worse

For any incident that affected people, your choice is to 'take responsibility' or let things get worse: that's all there is.

Mediation Support Ltd are keen to work further in Hastings & St Leonards whenever an incident happens that if dealt with well will enable us to build a safer community here. Sadly, due to a large number of people who know about the pier fire NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY we still have a situation where the task of building the safer community -and modelling the behaviour we want from others- has not happened.

These are the questions that Mediation Support continually offers:

  1. What happened?
  2. What was it about for you?
  3. Have you heard what it was about for them?
  4. How do we learn from this & build a world that's safer for all?

Contact Us Anonymously
We welcome messages by text, phone, YouTube etc
-and if you find it hard to reach us this way, create an account to communicate anonymously about what happened on www.peoplesjustice.org.uk


What happened here?

“The Fact” as we know it:

"On 5th October 2010 two young men, having jumped from a burning Hastings Pier into the sea were apprehended by Kevin Pearson, who was walking his dog on the beach in the early hours of the morning. They were handed over to the police, who established who they were. They were aged 18 and 19 and living in St Leonards. They were put on police bail for the months through to April 2011, when it was decided by the Crown Prosecution Service that there was not an adequate basis for a prosecution."

Do you reckon this “fact” is accurate?

As Mediation Support is working to support a "more caring and sharing" Hastings & St Leonards:

We want to know how you & those you know are affected by this happening?
If you were part of it happening, we want to know what that was all about?

Let us know this -by text, phone or YouTube clip.


Our job is to get them hearing you & you hearing them.

“Only if we hear each other will we be able to build a world that is SAFE for all”