From June 2011 Mediation Support Ltd have been based in Hastings and St Leonards at the Southwater Area Community Centre

The catalyst for Mediation Support Ltd's move to Hastings was the pier fire on 5th Oct 2010; the fruits of which underlying conflict have yet to be realised.

If you find someone's behaviour difficult, why not ask yourself first: "What problem were they trying to solve by doing what they did that upset me?"

Jo Nodding on Restorative Justice

Ray Chapman's appeal to those who were on the pier on 5th October 2010 to communicate via eg YouTube or more privately via

  • If you find someone's behaviour difficult, why not ask yourself first: "What problem were they trying to solve by doing what they did that upset me?"

    We still don't (officially) know what problem those who lit the pier fire were trying to solve?

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-the June 2011 update includes the text of the letter sent to the Hastings Observer and published on 10th June as the leading letter; title: "We need to act if we want justice".

Mediation Support moved into St Leonards in the wake of the pier fire. Since the fire on 5th October 2010, Mediation Support Ltd has
  • Instigated mediation between people involved in or affected by the fire (though there's a long way to go)
  • started a Hastings Justice group and launched the People's Justice Service ( so that all members of the public can have whatever dialogues will get closer to the truth about what happened and what can be learned from that fire for the future.
  • opened a depot at Southwater Area Community Centre for sharing community resources more widely in conjunction with

I was in the up and coming Southwater Centre Streetbank for just 10 minutes this morning and someone read a notice, offered a lawnmower and asked for a spade and fork to dig over the garden. Then someone else told me of the gardening club and another of the grants available for buddying old and vulnerable people....
A lot can now grow..” 
  •  launched the first group in South East England supporting the well-being agenda of, a very successful charity launch reducing stress and supporting people to lead lives of greater altruism and contentment.
  • - recognised that acting locally and thinking globally is key to welfare and that links with a Buddhist College in the central city of India give Hastings & St Leonards residents an opportunity to make a positive impact on the caste-system in India for a number of students who are taking their social action learning back to their villages across India and are inspired by the support you give.
  • offered courses on 'awareness', 'empowerment', justice, & responsible sharing/trust-building which will be repeated and improved as Hastings transforms in the challenging years to come
  • provided many volunteer opportunities and been engaged with, and recognised for social innovation. 
  • The latest work creates a timebank in Hastings, enabling some payment through volunteer hours worked and wishing to extend this widely into the area of care for the elderly. eg see interview by CEO, Paul Crosland with Professor Heinz Wolff

The above work is wide-ranging. 
Nonetheless, I hope you can see the links between the types of work Mediation Support Ltd does.
Here's an introduction to a course on 'Awareness':

And recorded just before the news was announced of the Crown Prosecution Service not pressing charges against the two apprehended after jumping from the burning pier:

Mediation Support Ltd are engaged in 4 kinds of work that support each other:
  1. awareness 
  2. empowerment
  3. sharing
  4. harvesting the fruits of conflict
The 1st Anniversary of the Pier Fire in Hastings.

Here are some of the videos shown at the Public Meeting on the 1st Anniversary of the Pier Fire in Hastings. (The fire was on 5th October 2010 -see

For a one minute interview on ITV1 with Paul Crosland speaking about what may be some of the most important minutes of a lifetime, i.e communication between victims and offenders, click this link


 & the first two community members attending introduce themselves - a police officer and a self-styled "foreigner" i.e.from Hastings:

The work being done in restorative Justice under the umbrella of "St Leonards Sharing" Consortium is sustainable if you register on the NatWest site and then click to support us.

That address again for supporting "St Leonards Sharing" is">here
1) Maria Arpa

2) Burning Bridges [The 35 minute film from the IIRP]

[& see]
3) Discussing the viewpoint that "Restorative Justice is no alternative to Justice"

Here are some of the community consultation clips recorded at the 5th October meeting:

Film 1: Police Officers/Staff (with camera pointed away) & community members willing to be filmed:

Film 2:

Film 3: